Posted by: Jonna | July 22, 2006

Things to Remember Before Making a Website

What do subscribers dislike most about your Website?

Obviously, many people leave a site when it takes too long to load. Every second is important; there are so many website to use. So why would they keep waiting for your site to load when there is another site available, much faster than your site.

It is good when you have a plan before you start making or designing a website. Planning is a very crucial part, first you should gather your development partners, analyze your needs and goals, the second part is creating a site specification document where you can detail or put detail what you intend to do and why. So if you have a planner you can see everyday on what you have finished or accomplished. It’s just like a milestone, where you can see how far you have been.

These things can be your guide on how to make your website:

  • Define your goal

Without a clearly stated mission and objectives the project will drift, bog down, or continue past an appropriate endpoint. It is hard to make a project if you really don’t know what’s your goal or what do you want to do. This goal should be the foundation of your design.

  • Know your audience

It’s very important that you know your potential reader so that you can design your site to meet their needs and expectations. For example the goal of your website is to attract young students to buy a certain product that is related to their studies, it is good if the design is a little bit colorful.

  • Team

When you are working, it is important to be a “team player.” A team player works well with the other people on the job. Show loyalty to your team. Be committed to the team’s growth and improvement. Think of ways to help your team meet its goals. Remember that in an every successful project, manpower is the secret. So you should be intelligent to select who you will hire for a certain position, or who you will trust for a certain task.

  • Maintaining the site

Your responsibility in making a web site does not end when you have finished it, but maintaining a finished web site is important. A web site needs constant attention and grooming, particularly if it’s in the line of marketing.

Once you know the ropes, making a web site is easy and fun. It’s an opportunity for you to develop your own site.

Jonnalyn A. Ajeda


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