Posted by: Jonna | November 3, 2006

The Quick and Byte-Free Tips in Buying Computers

Buying a PC? With hundreds of brands and models out there, the choice is just overwhelming. You don’tlaptop.jpg want to end up with something puny, but neither do you want something too loaded with features that you don’t need anyway. How to start then?

When you’re buying a computer, the first thing to decide is whether you need a desktop or a laptop. With that out of the way, you need to know then which features you want in your computer, as well as which PC manufacturer you want.

The primary benefit of buying a Windows-based PC is the popularity of the Microsoft Windows operating system. These computers have been top-of-the-line in terms of software compatibility, claiming about 90% of the market share. Most software application developers think about Windows first, while Mac second.

However the Apple Mac computer does have some advantages with regards to speed and performance. The Macintosh performs extremely well in terms of graphical editing, video, and multimedia, making more efficient use of memory and processing power. Macintoshes might have quite a number of profound strengths, but because of their low market share they can sometimes be found wanting in regards to compatibility with mainstream business software.

Once you’ve decided on the PC, the next thing to consider is the price. Be aware that computer manufacturers have a price tag that represents the barest bones computer and most probably, you’ll end up paying hundreds more dollars than the initial price tag once you have included all the configurations you need. Don’t be fooled by believing you have great value because of all the software that is included. Often you don’t need half of it.

Finally, consider the tech support offered by the company after purchase of your PC. Remember, you may get a really great deal, but if the computer breaks down, will you get the after sales support you need? – Classifieds is Australia’s largest free classifieds site and has the best selection of computers and PCware. Visit OzFreeOnline now and get the best deals and bargains in computers and other gadgets. There’s surely the right one at OzFreeOnline for you.



  1. I have never seen such a better deal then what is offered by Dell computers. They have great prices, have always had great service and tech support. This is coming from someone that does not have any stock in Dell, or any connections to I am only reporting what I have learned over the years. Nice blog on computers too!!

  2. hi.. tnx for your comment.. i promise to come up with new informative articles about computers… 🙂

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