Posted by: Jonna | January 27, 2007

How to Buy Diamonds Online Safely

Nowadays, online jewelry is fast becoming a popular section in many classified websites. Along with other high-end purchases such as used cars and real estate, online jewelry is one precious merchandise that has secured its place in peoples’ hearts. What exactly is this fascination with jewelry such as diamonds that people are willing to buy them online? The online market, after all, can be a treacherous place.

Yes, online jewelry may not be safe from frauds and scams, but when it comes to buying diamonds online, fret not. There is a safe way to get your hands on these beloved gem.

First things first
Diamonds are the hardest known natural material, scoring 10 (the highest) on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means a diamond can scratch all other minerals in the planet, and that only a diamond can scratch another diamond. It’s not a coincidence then that diamond’s name comes from the Greek adamas meaning “invincible”. Diamonds are indeed forever.

Judging the Gem
But a diamond’s beauty doesn’t rest solely on its hardness though. Its ability to scatter light is what inspires awe and majesty from anyone seeing it. Traditionally, a diamond’s value is judged by the “four Cs”: carat, clarity, colour, and cut.

A diamond’s cut is responsible for dispersing white light into a rainbow of colours. In the field of gemology, this is known as fire. The cutting and polishing of diamond is considered an art since it transforms a rough stone into a spectacular gem.

Diamond mass is stated in carats. Diamond weight may be described in decimal or fractional parts of a carat. If carat is given in decimal parts, the figure should be accurate to the last decimal place. For example, “.30 carat” could represent a diamond that weighs between .296 and .303 carat. On the other hand, if carat is stated in fractions, be aware that its weight is not exact.

Diamonds have different grading system for clarity. Because of this, a clarity grade of “slightly included” can be different from another grading system. When a diamond is said to be “flawless”, this means it has no surface or internal imperfections whatsoever even when viewed under 10-power magnification.

Diamond acquire their colour due to certain impurities or structural defects. In fact, diamonds can come in nearly any colour—brown and yellow being the most common—but in terms of value, a pure diamond that is transparent and colourless beats out coloured ones. “Black” diamonds are not truly black; they get their dark colour from the numerous dark inclusions within them.

While cut and carat are both mathematically defined, clarity and colour are evaluated by a trained human eye.

Online Jewelry Buying Tips

Visit your local jeweler and compare prices. Show him or her a photo of the online jewelry and ask if they would give the same price for it as the price quoted online.

1.Don’t buy so soon. It’s just natural to fall in love with such beautiful jewelry, but don’t buy on impulse. Browse other classified sites which may carry what you are looking for at a better price.

2.Read the item’s descriptions carefully. And confirm these with the seller. Ask if the diamonds have been treated, whether fracture-filled or laser-drilled, or whether the gems are real or just created in the laboratory. It’s wise then to have your diamond tested by your jeweler with the appropriate testing device, since pseudo-diamonds such as cubic zirconia and moissanite are almost impossible to tell apart from the real one.

3.Ask if there is a return/refund policy which will save you in the event you are not satisfied with your purchase of online jewelry.

4.Get the seller’s contact details. Home and mobile numbers, email, even address, if necessary. This is to make transaction between the two of you as smooth as possible.



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