Posted by: Jonna | February 19, 2008

How the Ranking Report Affects the Google Ranking

The google ranking reflects the ranking report of the keywords that have been generated in search engines. Clients receive ranking reports depending on the optimization of their keywords. Collectively, search engine optimization have various factors that estimate the ranking algorithm (the process which the search engine orders results.) The result is the source for the incredible amount of information which guide researchers to the url that they are looking for. The positions of the sites on google ranking are determined from the number of the factors that have been designed in providing the end-users the accurate search results that they deem helpful.

These factors are explained in further detail in The webmasters, upon learning what they need to know, can improve their sites ranking and increase the quality of their sites and the links to their pages. When these happen, then they will also be able to improve the visibility of their site in both the ranking report and the google ranking.

By following the basic SEO guidelines, sites are found, indexed and ranked. Even if the web site owner chooses not to implement any of the basic SEO suggestions, most SEO experts encourage them to do so otherwise. By paying close attention to the guidelines, some of the illicit practices are avoided. If this is done, then the site being removed entirely from google ranking indexes will be lowered. As a matter of fact, these illicit practices won’t even be reflected on the ranking report of search engine results.

Resources: KeyPhraseSearchMarketing


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