Posted by: Jonna | February 27, 2008

Which is more credible: the Yahoo Ranking or the MSN Search Engine Results Page

Yahoo ranking has been one of the main concerns of sites over the years. Webmasters all over the world swapped tips with other webmasters on how to get listed in the Yahoo directory. Reporters have also reported that some of these companies go through ups and downs – they would either succeed or they would experience trouble. General advice on search engine optimization are available everywhere on the internet. However, only few webmasters tried to explain how Yahoo ranking really works. If they did, then the other webmasters would fully comprehend why it is so important.

The Yahoo ranking is determined by the Yahoo ranking algorithm. Yahoo is a directory, it is not a search engine. It does however, have a search feature, which visitors use. A site with a bad ranking misses out on internet traffic. In a nutshell, the Yahoo directory cannot produce this properly. Some wonder whether the Yahoo ranking uses the same application as that of the MSN search engine results page.

The latest theory surrounding the discussion regarding Yahoo ranking and MSN search engine results page is that the Google PageRank influences the ranking at searches performed in Yahoo and MSN. Google provides the secondary results of the web pages. Investigating these effects, one can click on the popularity and see that the ranking is different from those of in Yahoo and MSN. Take note, though, that MSN and Yahoo are different. They provide the same service but the crawler-based MSN search engine results page has been developed the past year and is about to be launched. The MSN Search sites is redesigned in order to compete with Yahoo.

Resource: KeyPhraseSearchMarketing


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