Posted by: Jonna | April 26, 2008

Low-Traffic Keywords, Ads Not Showing on Google AdWords

Just want to share my post on one of my company blogs.

I had a problem last week on my client ads. I tested some of our keywords on Google Adwords Preview Tool to see if our ads will show. But I don’t see any of my client ads. So I called Google Adwords Support to ask why this is happening and what would they suggest to keep my ads running / showing.

Here’s what the Google Adwords Support response with my questions:

  • Keywords may temporarily stop entering the ad auction if they register very few Google property searches for a long period of time. These keywords are considered low-traffic keywords.
  • Very little search traffic for a keyword could happen for a variety of reasons, including a lack of relevance to users’ searches because of keyword obscurity, specificity, or a significant misspelling of the intended keyword. This state is only temporary, and these keywords will be reactivated automatically if we find that they could start delivering traffic.
  • I have reviewed your account and find that your ad is running. However, your ad is regularly approaching or meeting your monthly budget. When this occurs, your ad may show less frequently to keep your account within the budget you’ve set. There are two ways to help your ads show more often:
    • refining your keyword list – If you would like to increase the visibility of your ads while maintaining your current budget, we recommend refining your keyword list to reduce unwanted clicks.
    • increasing your daily budge – If you would like to maximize your ads’ visibility with your current keyword list, on the other hand, you can do so by increasing your budget.

To see a more detailed explanation about low-traffic keywords, see our FAQ at:

For helpful information about creating and maintaining a successful keyword list, visit

Resource: ClickEleven


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