Yahoo ranking has been one of the main concerns of sites over the years. Webmasters all over the world swapped tips with other webmasters on how to get listed in the Yahoo directory. Reporters have also reported that some of these companies go through ups and downs – they would either succeed or they would experience trouble. General advice on search engine optimization are available everywhere on the internet. However, only few webmasters tried to explain how Yahoo ranking really works. If they did, then the other webmasters would fully comprehend why it is so important.

The Yahoo ranking is determined by the Yahoo ranking algorithm. Yahoo is a directory, it is not a search engine. It does however, have a search feature, which visitors use. A site with a bad ranking misses out on internet traffic. In a nutshell, the Yahoo directory cannot produce this properly. Some wonder whether the Yahoo ranking uses the same application as that of the MSN search engine results page.

The latest theory surrounding the discussion regarding Yahoo ranking and MSN search engine results page is that the Google PageRank influences the ranking at searches performed in Yahoo and MSN. Google provides the secondary results of the web pages. Investigating these effects, one can click on the popularity and see that the ranking is different from those of in Yahoo and MSN. Take note, though, that MSN and Yahoo are different. They provide the same service but the crawler-based MSN search engine results page has been developed the past year and is about to be launched. The MSN Search sites is redesigned in order to compete with Yahoo.

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Posted by: Jonna | February 23, 2008

How long does it take to rank in Google?

A common question always asked by newbie SEO’s. My answer is: It depends on the competitiveness of the keywords you target. e.g you target”example SEO keyword” on my experience it only takes a month maximum to ranking on Search Engines.

For me, if you’re passionate about your work, you will succeed. Things won’t always be smooth, but you’ll have the built-in motivation to keep working hard. Without passion, you’ll need a heap of luck.

On the other hand, In my opinion these are the things that prevent success:

  • people want a quick / easy solution; they don’t want to be told that success online often means hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull – it can be very interesting, but you need the passion in the first place
  • Don’t load pages with keywords or keyphrases. This is spam, and Google knows it.
  • Using Flash and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – I consider this is the most important to remember. As you can see, search engines cannot index images and graphics, but with Flash, they cannot even properly index the text embedded in the flash. The text animated is of no use to the search engine. It is important to know that search engines as well as humans like simple and easy to follow webpages, and not a complex and difficult to navigate website.

Overall, I think success can seem like a puzzle, something mysterious or inexplicable, or a riddle or difficult problem if there’s a lack of passion. I’ve been there, and I ended up viewing success purely in monetary terms. Now I have work I enjoy greatly, and success is much more than just earning money, it’s coming up with new ideas, implementing them, seeing how people react, and of course being acknowledge on what I do.

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Posted by: Jonna | February 19, 2008

How the Ranking Report Affects the Google Ranking

The google ranking reflects the ranking report of the keywords that have been generated in search engines. Clients receive ranking reports depending on the optimization of their keywords. Collectively, search engine optimization have various factors that estimate the ranking algorithm (the process which the search engine orders results.) The result is the source for the incredible amount of information which guide researchers to the url that they are looking for. The positions of the sites on google ranking are determined from the number of the factors that have been designed in providing the end-users the accurate search results that they deem helpful.

These factors are explained in further detail in The webmasters, upon learning what they need to know, can improve their sites ranking and increase the quality of their sites and the links to their pages. When these happen, then they will also be able to improve the visibility of their site in both the ranking report and the google ranking.

By following the basic SEO guidelines, sites are found, indexed and ranked. Even if the web site owner chooses not to implement any of the basic SEO suggestions, most SEO experts encourage them to do so otherwise. By paying close attention to the guidelines, some of the illicit practices are avoided. If this is done, then the site being removed entirely from google ranking indexes will be lowered. As a matter of fact, these illicit practices won’t even be reflected on the ranking report of search engine results.

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